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Project Explore Cross-border Aquatic Biodiversity – EXChAngE has one main result: The cross-border region attracted more tourists, with the target value of 0.8% increase (benchmark 2017).

The envisaged project result will be reached by implementing a set of planned activities (A), grouped into work packages (WP):

WP Communication (C)

  • A.C.1. Start-up activities
  • A.C.2. Public Event(s)
  • A.C.3. Digital activities including social media

WP Implementation (T)

  • A.T1.1. Developing the cross-border tourism offer (4 new thematic routes: Dubrovnik and Aquarium, Kotor and Aquarium Boka, Hutovo Blato Aqua Path, and Mostar Old Bridge and River Neretva)
  • A.T1.2. Developing the cross-border tourism product (EXChAngE card)
  • A.T1.3. Developing, promoting and branding the EXChAngE pack
  • A.T1.4. Developing and implementing a training program in standardization on natural heritage

WP Investment (I)

  • A.I1.1. Improving small-scale cross-border tourism infrastructure – Dubrovnik aquarium
  • A.I1.2. Developing small-scale cross-border tourism infrastructure – Aquarium Boka
  • A.I1.3. Improving small-scale cross-border tourism infrastructure – camp facilities, Hutovo Blato
  • A.I1.4. Improving natural asset – walking path Mostar and Neretva