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The University of Dubrovnik, the Institute for Marine and Coastal Research

The Institute for Marine and Coastal Research was founded in the mid-twentieth century. Organized research work in the field of oceanography and fisheries in Dubrovnik began after the Second World War with the founding of the Fisheries Station in 1946 and the founding of the Biological Institute of the Yugoslav Academy of Sciences and Arts (JAZU) in 1949. The activities of the Institute are basic and applied research of natural features of the Adriatic Sea and the coast. Through their four laboratories, the Institute’s scientists research the fields of oceanology, plankton ecology and population genetics, marine organisms, aquaristics, flora and fauna of the land.

The Institute also develops other activities such as: monitoring of living resources in the sea and on land, monitoring of sea quality, maintenance and popularization of aquariums, maintenance and popularization of the Botanical Garden on Lokrum, formation of scientific and professional collections, and organization of courses and lectures. its core business

Core competencies of the Institute are marine biodiversity, ecology, and management of the Aquarium. Recent results detect environmental conditions in the cross-border Croatia – Montenegro region and rural educational, cultural, and ethnographic tourist attractions.