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Nature Park Hutovo Blato

Nature Park Hutovo Blato is a protected bird reserve, nature park and a unique sub-Mediterranean wetlands in Europe. It has been known since ancient times as a green oasis, with an abundance of water in which conditions for life found a large number of plant and animal species. Hutovo blato is located at the south of Herzegovina, surrounded by typical karst environment and ambience. It is a place where you can float and enjoy the view of vast water area with white and yellow water lilies. The presence of numerous birds is breathtaking, especially the presence of truly rare kinds, which were the reason why the whole area became protected.

This green oasis close to Čapljina has been protected since 1954, when the ornitho faunist reserve was established. Hutovo blato was included in the ˝The Convention on Wetlands of International Importance˝ in 1971 because of its international importance. The exceptional importance and beauty of Hutovo blato made it a Nature Park in 1995. Thereare some interesting facts about it, for example – Hutovo blato is a vast area of 7411 hectares and is located at one of the four routes for the birds that migrate from the north and central Europe to Asia and Africa.

The swamp is interesting and significant with ornithological, ichthyological, scientific, ecological and tourist point of view. Basic activities Hutovo Blato Nature Park are protection, preservation, improvement, sustainable management and promotion of the Hutovo blato wetland as a nature park, through tourism and presentation cultural heritage.