During the Exchange project, the Institute for the Sea and Coast will carry out several different activities. The most extensive activity is the reconstruction of the part of the aquarium that is part of the Institute and is included in the offer of the main product on the project, which is the blue card.

The reconstruction consists of the construction of new aquarium pools of approximately equal volume in place of the existing ones.

The procedure consists of burying the existing pools in the floor of the aquarium and placing new tanks in the same place that are above floor level and thus more accessible for presentation to visitors and facilitate scientific work for researchers at the Institute.

In addition to this reconstruction, the upcoming activities are the procurement of audio equipment for a professional tour of the aquarium, preparation of audio and written materials for a tour of the aquarium in several languages, procurement of equipment for written and pictorial presentation in a particular place within the aquarium.

It is also part of the plan to organize professional training of people who will take visitors on a group tour of the aquarium and the organization of a blue map that will unite the tourist product in the region in BiH, Croatia and Montenegro.