Maritime Museum of Kotor accessed the Blue Pass

Kotor, Montenegro. Director of the Maritime Museum in Kotor, Maja Uskoković and director of the Tourist Organization of Kotor, Jovan Ristić, signed an agreement on the joint use of the Blue Pass system on January 25, 2022.  Thus, the Maritime Museum has joined the Blue Card network, so everyone who owns a Blue Pass will be able to visit the Maritime Museum in the future with a 20% discount on the ticket.

Maja Uskoković

After the signing of the agreement, Ms. Maja Uskoković said: “I am pleased that from today we will make the contents of the Maritime Museum in Kotor more accessible to all interested parties, especially visitors of Kotor”.

Jovan Ristić

About the importance of the Blue Card, Mr. Jovan Ristic said: “The Blue Pass represents a significant incentive for diversification and digitization of the tourist offer of Kotor.”

The Blue Card is accompanied by the digital tourist guide Blue Pass EXCHANGE, which already shows the contents that can be seen in the Maritime Museum.

About the blue card.  The Blue Card is a new tourist product, purpose-developed as part of the EXChAngE project for visitors to the cross-border area of Croatia – Bosnia and Herzegovina – Montenegro, which allows the purchase of discounted tickets for thematic routes.

About the digital tour guide.  The digital tourist guide Blue Pass EXCHANGE enables exploration of the cultural and natural heritage of the cross-border area Croatia – Bosnia and Herzegovina – Montenegro, especially the cross-border aquatic biodiversity. To make it easier to read and navigate through the content, the guide is structured into sections – each dedicated toa thematic route. Each section has four chapters, representing (1) natural heritage, (2) cultural heritage, (3) one thematic route and (4) transportation to the site. Chapters are structured into thematic topics, keeping as similar as possible outline across the guide. The guide is available under name “Blue Pass – EXChAngE” for Android on Google Play and for iOS mobile platforms on the App Store.