Aquarium Boka is reopened

Kotor, Montenegro. The Boka Aquarium was reopened for visitors in May 2022, after two months of the interior renovation and the installation of two new aquarium tanks. These works were supported by the EXChAngE project. Renovated aquarium secures high visitor’s satisfaction. Even more importantly, the aquarium now has improved water conditioning, and in general, provides better living conditions for all displayed marine organisms. More information about reconstruction is available on the Aquarium web pages.

The reopening of the aquarium is also offering a new experience for visitors in the Open-Air Exhibition, equipped with two exhibition boots, presenting the invisible world of the sea, and ways how to protect the Adriatic Sea from pollution. In addition, two LED totems are broadcasting info material on the Aquarium and fascinating facts about the sea.

The reopening of the aquarium is also introducing a new product: the Blue Pass ticket. it is developed especially for visitors of cross border area Croatia – Bosnia and Herzegovina – Montenegro. It enables visits at the discounted rate of the following thematic routes: Dubrovnik and Aquarium (Croatia), Kotor and Aquarium Boka (Montenegro), Hutovo Blato Aqua Path, and Mostar Aqua Path (Bosnia and Herzegovina). The Blue Pass ticket is expected to improve the cross-border mobility of tourists and improve knowledge of cross-border aquatic biodiversity.